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How Adele was Helped – Young Lawyers Help a Family Find a Home

Following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Maria, nearly 1,300 lawyers and law students provided free legal services to 17,000 people. The program helps individuals rebuild their lives after devastating fires, floods, and storms. For "Adele" and her family, last year’s hurricanes made their apartment uninhabitable. When her landlord threatened to sue "Adele" if she did not pay her rent or cover the cost of the damage, she turned to the ABA’s free disaster legal services hotline for the assistance needed to provide a safe home for her family.

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Volunteers Serving Impacted Communities – Pro Bono Attorney Prevents Homelessness

The most common and persistent legal needs among disaster survivors are housing and homelessness. Lease termination, utility shutoffs, security deposit recovery, repair issues, FEMA applications, and insurance claims are among the many housing-related legal problems that survivors face in the aftermath of a disaster. In 2018, a Florida resident found himself in danger of becoming homeless and needed immediate legal advice. He submitted his legal question on ABA Free Legal Answers and received a quick and precise response from a qualified pro bono attorney. This attorney’s counsel allowed the client to understand better his rights and options resulting in him receiving an extension and a far less dangerous living situation.

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ABA Free Legal Answers

The national pro bono legal advice portal serves as a critical resource for disaster survivors, providing vital assistance regarding accessing FEMA benefits, disaster-related social security and unemployment benefits, contractor fraud and others legal needs.

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How Tools Empowered Mike – Legal Tech Helps Flood Victim

"Mike’s" father was the original homeowner of his Louisiana home. When he died, he did not leave a will. He had no paperwork showing that he was the homeowner at the time of the flood. "Mike" used Flood Proof to obtain an attorney to help him sort out his issues. The attorney was able to get a judgment rendered to prove he is the homeowner of the property. With his attorney’s help, he has now been able to receive funding to help repair his home after the devastation.

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ABA FloodProof

This mobile phone application helps victims of natural disasters obtain relevant disaster recovery legal information, navigate the problems associated with obtaining FEMA assistance, and determine eligibility for legal aid.

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ABA Committee on Disaster Response and Preparedness

The ABA offers a wide scope of disaster-related resources for lawyers and law firms, state and local bars, courts and for the general public.

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Disaster Hotline Numbers

Disaster survivors who need legal assistance but cannot afford an attorney can contact a toll-free hotline and request help.

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ABA Journal Articles

Stay up-to-date on natural disaster legal news from the ABA Journal.

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Resources for lawyers impacted by a disaster

Here you will find tips for planning for a disaster and for disaster recovery.

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