July 17, 2018

Gun Violence Resource

Dr. Gary Slutkin

Personal note from Dr. Gary Slutkin, Professor of Epidemiology, UIC School of Public Health, and founder of Cure Violence:

We would very much welcome a continued relationship with staff members, members of the ABA and with the organization itself. 

1) If there are members who would like to make a donation, Karen Volker <volkerk@uic.edu> can send the appropriate link.  This would be incredibly appreciated right now by me and us and by the community.

2) If there are specific members who would like to possibly participate in either our local or national advisory board as a result of their interest and commitment to making a difference in reducing violence, please let me know or have them contact Cameron Safarloo <safarloo@uic.edu>.

3) Also, as I mentioned in our discussion, Cure Violence - along with the Former Surgeon General and the Dean Emeritus of Johns Hopkins - have organized a national level collaboration to address violence as a health issue. Most of the organizations involved so far have been health organizations but we are now taking the step of including those involve with justice reform and related areas of interest.  This is not about gun control but about managing violence in the communities and in the country more as a health and public health issue. If you would like to learn more about this or consider participating as an individual or organization, Shannon Cosgrove, <skc1@uic.edu>, can provide more information. We welcome your involvement with us in this cause very much. It would be very meaningful. 

Last, several people came up to discuss things with me at the end of the talk, and I welcome hearing from them more if they would like to form the type of group that keeps a focus on this issue within ABA and where we can help strengthen your impact.

Dr. Slutkin’s TED Talk:

This 2011 documentary shows us how Cure Violence does its work – neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block:

The chart “Why is Chicago violence skyrocketing?” illustrates one reason behind the escalation of gun violence in Chicago:

Mary Mitchell

Recommended by Mary Mitchell: Another Day in the Death of America, a chronicle of lives lost to gun violence in a single day in 2013. Written by British journalist Gary Younge, the book takes us into the lives of those who were killed on that day. Here is a review published in The New York Times:

Nina Vinik

Nina Vinik of the Joyce Foundation concluded her remarks by mentioning a number of organizations we, as individuals, might want to support: