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ABA Business Conduct Standards

Business Conduct Standards

The American Bar Association’s Business Conduct Standards (“BCS”) apply whenever a Member or Employee is performing services or conducting business for or on behalf of the ABA, and whenever a Contractor is performing services, conducting business for or supplying goods to the ABA. All Members, Employees and Contractors must consider and adhere to the BCS whenever they are conducting ABA business. Any Members, Employees or Contractors who find themselves in a situation that may raise legal or ethical issues or that is identified in the BCS shall contact the Ethics Office or a supervisor.

About the Ethics Office

The Ethics Office serves the ABA and was established by the Board of Governors to receive reports of actual or potential legal and ethical concerns that may arise in the course of conducting ABA business and to provide advice in response to questions involving ethical or legal standards.  The ABA’s Business Conduct Standards (“BCS”) define ABA policy and outline the ethical and legal responsibilities that all members, employees, and contractors must adhere to when transacting ABA business.  The Ethics Office advises employees, members and contractors (e.g., independent contractors, consultants or vendors) on compliance with the BCS and investigates complaints alleging legal, ethical or BCS violations.  The Ethics Office also engages in other activities (e.g., training) necessary to fulfill its mission.

The Ethics Office is comprised of the Division Director of Human Resources, the General Counsel, and other representatives of Human Resources or the Office of General Counsel as needed to perform the work of the Ethics Office.

About the ABA Ethics Line

The ABA Ethics Line is an internet, telephone, and SMS-based tool operated by an independent third party (Convercent by OneTrust) that allows employees, members, volunteers, beneficiaries of our grant programs, and contractors to confidentially and anonymously make a report or ask a question about conduct or situations that may raise ethical issues or involve the ABA’s Business Conduct Standards (“BCS”).

The ABA Ethics Line offers three (3) easy options for you to confidentially or anonymously report issues 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Online: Independently report issues online. Options are available to display the report form in your preferred language.

  • By Phone:
    • Within the United States: For those in the United States, call toll free 1-800-461-9330 to report the issue with the help of a Convercent by OneTrust call center representative.

    • Outside the United States: For those outside the United States, international dialing instructions by country are listed on the ABA Ethics Line and can be displayed in your preferred language.  If your country is not listed, you can place a collect call to +1-720-514-4400 to  report the issue with the help of a Convercent by OneTrust call center representative and language interpreter.  The call center supports more than 300+ languages. 
  • By SMS Text: For those in the United States, send a text message to (872) 276-9794 to report the issue with the help of a Convercent by OneTrust representative.

Once your report has been submitted, it will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate individuals within the ABA for review.

You will also be provided a confidential issue access number and asked to provide a personal password and security question.  The access number and password allow you to check the status of the report on the ABA Ethics Line website, as well as send and receive anonymous messages pertaining to your report at any time.  If you provided an email address you will also receive email notifications from Convercent by OneTrust as the report status is updated.

We encourage you to use the ABA Ethics Line and always welcome your feedback.  Please  contact the Ethics Office with any comments, questions or need for support.