Reprints & Permissions

Reprint / Reproduction Request

  • The material in all ABA publications is copyrighted and may be reprinted and/or reproduced by permission only.
  • In most cases, a fee will be charged. 
  • All requests must be in writing. Permission will not be granted over the phone. 
  • All permissions are granted for one-time usage only. 
  • Permission is for the text of the content only. 
  • To request permission to reprint content from the ABA Journal please visit their website ABA Journal.
  • The ABA does not provide hard or electronic copies of the requested reprint content. 
  • The ABA does not allow any full text reproduction of any ABA content on any Internet Web site other than the ABA's own Web site, located at URL:
  • You can link to any of our articles for free, and there's no need to ask permission.
  • To protect the integrity of our authors; work we require that articles be reprinted unedited in their entirety.
  • No content may be translated into any language unless the translator has entered into a prior written licensing agreement with the ABA's Copyrights & Contracts Department.
  • The electronic reproduction of the Formal Opinions and the Model Rules of Professional Conduct  is strictly prohibited.

Obtaining Permission to Reprint American Bar Association Copyrighted Material

  • All requests for 300 copies or less of any article from an ABA Periodical, Journal or Newsletter must be submitted to the Copyright Clearance Center.You will receive instant permission.
  • If the reprint permission you need is not available from Copyright Clearance Center, please complete our online Publication Reprint/Reproduction Request Form
  • To reproduce over 100 copies of any article from an ABA Periodical, Journal or Newsletter or any quantity from an ABA book, please complete our online Publication Reprint/Reproduction Request Form and submit it by clicking the “submit” button.  Please note that all fields highlighted in red must be completed in order to submit the form.
  • Our standard response time is approximately 10 business days if all information is received in advance.  Your request will be delayed if the information supplied is incomplete, incorrect, or missing.

Information for ABA Authors

  • Please email for the ABA Author Guidelines.
  • Please include the name of the publication in which your article appears.
  • To request a PDF of your article please contact the Editor of the publication.