The Transition from Law Student to Lawyer: The Bar Is Here to Help!

Vol. 16 No. 9


Chris Fortier served as the 2011–2012 Member Service Coordinator, leading the team that created the Career Development Initiative (CDI). CDI provides young lawyers with tools and resources for charting their career path. He may be reached at

Chances are that you are not in your ideal job if you are even in a job. Your drive and your will now determine future personal and professional success. The best transitions from law student to lawyer are not determined when you accept employment, when you open your firm, or when you accomplish the goals your loved ones want you to accomplish. The best transitions come when you establish the work and personal ethic needed to drive your life in the direction you want it to take. As lawyers, you have the advantage of many lawyer organizations, or bar associations, to help you grow professionally. However, you have to use these bar associations to your advantage.

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