Summer 2016

Public-Private Partnerships: Considerations for Design Professionals

Cover Article

Public-Private Partnerships: Considerations for Design Professionals

Design professionals will benefit from making their voices heard as public procurement laws are reexamined.

Getting new and talented people into the Forum has been a key to our success.

You’re bound to learn something new.

“What in-house counsel needs is a responsive firm that delivers only the information they need, when they need it.”

If not, find out why and how to remedy the problem.

In a global business environment, companies find value by using diverse attorneys with innate skills to understand multiple cultures.

Twelve specific warning signs to be aware of.

Broadly drafted termination for convenience clause helps Owner recover liquidated damages.

The rule allows the plaintiff to avoid a state’s workers’ compensation regime and directly sue the owner or general contractor for negligence.

With the inauguration of the AAA’s CaseXplorer Arbitration, developed by DecisionQuest, there is simply no reason to go into an arbitration completely blind.

When representing a policy holder, understanding the allocation method a court will apply to allocate coverage for long tail losses is critical.


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