Forum Special Programs & Education Committee Report

Vol. 15 No. 3


“SPEC” (Special Programs & Education Committee) provides a wide variety of educational programs for the Forum’s membership. In addition to the webinars offered almost every month by the Distance Learning Subcommittee, (ably chaired by Kristine Kubes), SPEC also offers several other opportunities for “Building the Best Construction Lawyers.”  Upcoming events are highlighted below.

Forum 2013 Regional Programs on Construction Fundamentals- REGISTER NOW!

Just a reminder that the Forum’s fall Regional Program, “Fundamentals of Construction Law” (based on the new Forum book “Fundamentals of Construction Law (2d.Ed.)” recently released) will be offered LIVE in 6 different cities across the U.S.:  Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Chicago, IL; New York, NY and Kansas City Metro area on Friday, November 8, 2013.  The registration fee for this one-day seminar includes a copy of the new book, and lunch is also provided. Please register now to take advantage of the early registration fee ($250) and reserve your spot!

Focus on Forum Distance Learning CLE

by Kristine A. Kubes, Chair

Please join us for these upcoming programs to enrich your knowledge of construction law and enhance your practice.

Nov. 5, 2013

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Anti-Corruption laws in Construction Contracting: What you don’t know can hurt you

In light of recent focus and enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and other anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, construction industry companies and their counsel must be prepared or risk suffering serious consequences. Our panel of construction law experts will:

  • Discuss the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws
  • Share best practices to institute preventative measures for construction industry companies, including compliance and contracting methods
  • Describe what to do when faced with noticed violations or potential violations


Lori Ann Lange

J. Kimon Yiasemides

Junaid A. Zubairi

Frank E. Riggs (Moderator)

January 9, 2014

Publications Series (first of 3)

Tips and Tricks for Electronic Discovery in Construction Cases

In this era of electronic communications, key construction project decisions are often communicated via mobile devices – email, voicemail, or text message.  This evidence can derive from various mobile devices, and in various forms, and be critical to your case – in addition to documents stored on computers.  Learn key terms and strategies for mining and managing that electronic data in your construction cases.


Jennifer Mahar

Albert Barroschini

John Simek

February 6, 2014

Trying Construction Cases to a Jury vs. Arbitrator:  Debunking Assumptions

Many clients consider (and expect) arbitration to be less of an investment as a claims process than litigation. That perception may not be true.  With the help of professional consultants and construction lawyers, this presentation will analyze, compare, and contrast arbitration and jury trials on the issues of cost, perception, preparation, and outcomes in construction cases.

Shelley Spiecker

Karen Lisko ]

Buck Beltzer (Moderator)

NEXT UP:  Programs in development for Spring 2014:

  • The Forum Tech Series
  • Programming in conjunction and collaboration with the AGC, including “Contract Negotiations in the Cloud”
  • Publications Series, Sessions II and III:
    • “Tips and Tricks for Deposing the Damages Expert” 
    • “Tips and Tricks for Deposing the Scheduling Expert”

Please send any program ideas or questions to  Thank you!


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