Way Less Than You Need to Know About the Civil- and Common-Law Systems

Way Less Than You Need to Know About the Civil- and Common-Law Systems

A tale of cross-pollination.

Four practitioners discuss what will the practice of law might look like after the latest shakeup settles down.

We can learn a great deal by keeping in mind the profiles of our future clients.

Keep an eye out for emerging technological trends to position yourself as one of the go-to lawyers in the field.

Hint: it's not all dry martinis, Cuban cigars, fancy cars, and movie premiers.

See the ball, hit the ball, and run like lightning.

Being a lawyer in a rapidly developing digital media sector means creating new legal precedents.

The maximum salary for a WNBA player is $111,500 while the minimum salary for a NBA player is $525,093.

The lawyer bully yells, interrupts, belittles, harasses, and often strikes when no judge is present to step in.

The art of practicing law requires us to go beyond blindly executing techniques and focusing solely on what's immediately in front of us.

Because we all want (and deserve) a pay hike.

Last-minute assignments are a challenging aspect of being a new lawyer.

Check out these tips for new associates on how to get into big client meetings and important hearings.

The virtual world is expanding, but can the real world’s laws keep up?

U.S. Magistrate Judge Gail J. Standish channels her inner T. Swift in dismissal order.

Practicing mindfulness will make you better equipped to deal with the unexpected.

It can be hard to recognize burnout until you’re already out like a light bulb.

No question, the responsibilities that come with being a lawyer can be detrimental to health and fitness. But busy lawyers can maintain healthy lifestyles.


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