But First, You

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But First, You

The most important relationship that you have is your relationship with yourself.

Tips to help you minimize the potential of falling prey to a cyber attack.

Preparation greatly reduces the risk that a business will fall prey to hackers.

It can help minimize the damage from these often catastrophic attacks.

The goal-in-a-week setup helps ensure that the new lawyer is likely to do it all and do it well.

Some top-notch advice for those who manage others while being overseen themselves.

Check out these tips for new associates on how to get into big client meetings and important hearings.

ABA Blueprint helps you find solutions for the business side of your law practice.

For new sole practitioners, securing a mentor is tricky. Here, we provide tips from several experienced solos.

A strategic plan looks at all the things your firm could be doing and narrows those down to the things your firm is actually good at doing.

The ABA has just the group—and publication—for you.

Don't worry! It's a good thing!

We can learn a great deal by keeping in mind the profiles of our future clients.

Four practitioners discuss what will the practice of law might look like after the latest shakeup settles down.

Quick and simple advice to help you understand them and efficiently get rid of them.

It's one of the most personal and expensive decisions you'll ever make.

Don't wait for a financial crisis to get your estate ducks in a row.

See the ball, hit the ball, and run like lightning.

Hint: it's not all dry martinis, Cuban cigars, fancy cars, and movie premiers.

Being a lawyer in a rapidly developing digital media sector means creating new legal precedents.


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