The Balance Delusion

Work-Life Balance

The Balance Delusion

To find and maintain any sense of sanity, the idea (and ideal) of balance must be tossed aside.

One thing you can’t choose is to skimp on collecting and analyzing data about your practice.

If researched, compiled, and utilized, statistics can be a great tool, especially for a newer attorney in negotiations.

I live a dual life. I’m a lawyer and a literary agent.

I call myself a “Beer Lawyer” because it captures my interest concisely and lends to easier marketing efforts.

The explosion of DIY businesses has created a need for legal assistance for these new entrepreneurs.

Whether it's a fake Louis Vuitton bag or a bootleg Saints jersey, odds are, at some point, we have all laid hands on a counterfeit product.

Some tips to help you give yourself the best chance of success.

People ask about my job out of genuine (self)interest...

If I was a newly minted lawyer hoping to build a criminal defense practice, I would start by including regular court coverage as part of my short-term business plan.

Criminal law is a great place for gaining experience—and the skills do translate to civil work.


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