Implicit Bias: Be an Advocate for Change

Implicit Bias: Be an Advocate for Change

To see a greater impact nationwide, attorneys must be actively involved.

The combat sports industry is indeed a unique legal animal.

I call myself a “Beer Lawyer” because it captures my interest concisely and lends to easier marketing efforts.

I live a dual life. I’m a lawyer and a literary agent.

We need to focus on what makes clients want to hire a lawyer: our legal creativity, empathy, and judgment.

We can learn a great deal by keeping in mind the profiles of our future clients.

Four practitioners discuss what will the practice of law might look like after the latest shakeup settles down.

You must avoid giving away your services but also guard against the possibility of unethically padding the bill.

Once again, social media and ethics make for an interesting combination.

Not much room for error with this hypothetical. To make matters worse, it's a predicament many of us will face sometime in our professional lives.

A masterful lesson in the art of civility.

The company we keep is crucial to who we are—in all sorts of ways.

Create a CV that will make Perry Mason proud.

Plain language drafters avoid verbosity, pretentious language, and tortuous sentence structures.

Quick and simple advice to help you understand them and efficiently get rid of them.

It's one of the most personal and expensive decisions you'll ever make.

Don't wait for a financial crisis to get your estate ducks in a row.

See the ball, hit the ball, and run like lightning.

Hint: it's not all dry martinis, Cuban cigars, fancy cars, and movie premiers.

Being a lawyer in a rapidly developing digital media sector means creating new legal precedents.


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