If You Can Plan a Vacation, You Can Write a Business Plan

Solo and Small Firm

If You Can Plan a Vacation, You Can Write a Business Plan

(In some sense, doing one of these things right enables the other—hopefully, a lot of the other.)

One new thing I have learned since law school is that, from talking about common mistakes with others, some pretty interesting universal lessons emerge.

No question, the responsibilities that come with being a lawyer can be detrimental to health and fitness. But busy lawyers can maintain healthy lifestyles.

A non-exhaustive, brief swing around the globe highlighting many of the similarities and a few of the differences we share with our colleagues around the world.

“A cell phone rang in the car. Madonna was on the line. She and Weinstein talked about the music for the final credits of a movie she had directed and he was producing. Sitting in the white-hot center of show business should have been more fun. But something was wrong…”

Who wins when the studios and Hollywood stars collide in court? Let the case of Raquel Welch and MGM serve as an educational, if explosive, example.

The story behind the writing, casting, and staging of Boston Legal's infamous portrayal of oral argument before the High Court.

The ABA has just the group—and publication—for you.

How two file-sharing companies provoked the wrath of the Hollywood studios.

Hip hop lyrics + subjective intent + the Notorious R.B.G.

Lincoln fought slavery both from the executive branch, as President, and earlier in his career as a lawyer, in court.

The strange odyssey of Hans Frank.

A look inside America's great trial court.

Here are four tactics you can put to use right now to enhance client service and relationships.

Because we all want (and deserve) a pay hike.

A tale of doing your own thing, despite the skepticism of others.

How do you, within the bounds of ethics, find out about the judge of your case, and what can you do once you find out?

Most of us have to work hard to become leaders. Here's how to get a head start.

Some top-notch advice for those who manage others while being overseen themselves.

Using basic online resources, you can trim down the information avalanche so that you receive updates on issues pertinent to your practice.

The path to partnership is not for the faint of heart.


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