Building Scenarios of Future Legal Practices

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Building Scenarios of Future Legal Practices

Keep an eye out for emerging technological trends to position yourself as one of the go-to lawyers in the field.

The company we keep is crucial to who we are—in all sorts of ways.

Create a CV that will make Perry Mason proud.

You will, if your imagination is working properly, understand the following things about appellate judges.

The Young Lawyers Division and the American Bar Association offer countless opportunities for new and experienced attorneys.

The art of practicing law requires us to go beyond blindly executing techniques and focusing solely on what's immediately in front of us.

Is your target audience more the Hannah Montana generation, or are they mostly Brady Bunch?

Last-minute assignments are a challenging aspect of being a new lawyer.

Check out these tips for new associates on how to get into big client meetings and important hearings.

Is the client always right?

Not much room for error with this hypothetical. To make matters worse, it's a predicament many of us will face sometime in our professional lives.

They certainly shouldn't. And definitely not in Kentucky...

U.S. Magistrate Judge Gail J. Standish channels her inner T. Swift in dismissal order.

"Haulin' Oats" granola doesn't sit well with the rock and roll duo.

Here's what happens when you try to assert intellectual property rights over a dancing shark.

Learning how to extricate yourself from an uncomfortable situation doesn't have to be rocket science.

Leave the office confidently and gracefully after a hard day’s work.

What NOT to wear to that job interview.


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