The Other Side of Paradise

In-House Counsel

The Other Side of Paradise

Going in-house represent the dream for many: one client instead of many competing for your time, more manageable workload, a broader range of work, less stress, no more billable hours. But is it all bliss?

The absence of basic technical knowledge is a distinct competitive disadvantage.

Each client’s uniqueness requires a different approach during the initial interview.

Fortunately, closing argument is more of a science than an art.

Many are interested in becoming an assistant U.S. attorney. Here, we offer some practical advice.

(In some sense, doing one of these things right enables the other—hopefully, a lot of the other.)

A guide to making one of the first decisions required when opening your own firm.

With so many legal and related technologies, where does a solo put those precious tech dollars?

No question, the responsibilities that come with being a lawyer can be detrimental to health and fitness. But busy lawyers can maintain healthy lifestyles.

A non-exhaustive, brief swing around the globe highlighting many of the similarities and a few of the differences we share with our colleagues around the world.

“A cell phone rang in the car. Madonna was on the line. She and Weinstein talked about the music for the final credits of a movie she had directed and he was producing. Sitting in the white-hot center of show business should have been more fun. But something was wrong…”

The strange odyssey of Hans Frank.


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