Trends - May/June 2011

Volume 42, Number 5

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Table of Contents


Views from the Chair
Steven G. McKinney…2

Section Spotlight…3

In Brief
Theodore L. Garrett…10

Calendar of Section Events…11


Chesapeake Bay TMDL: Pushing the Clean Water Act’s limits
Christopher D. Pomeroy…1

Biogenic CO2: Captured (but not sequestered) by EPA Tailoring Rule
Brian J. Accardo…4

The move to micro-scale nonattainment areas
D. R. van der Vaart, Ph.D., J.D.…5

EPA’s new definition of solid waste and consequences for recycling
Douglas Green and Justin Curtis…6

Perspectives on the Gulf Coast Claims Facility
Luther Strange, Kenneth Feinberg…8

Intervention as of right in NEPA cases—Ninth Circuit returns to the fold
Julie Weis…12

Agriculture: The forbidden fruit under the Clean Water Act?
John A. Sheehan…15


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