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Views from the Chair
John C. Cruden…2

Section Spotlight…3

In Brief
Theodore L. Garrett…10

Calendar of Section Events…11


The Supreme Court’s environmental case this term: Will it be a “takings” away of beach restoration?
Norman A. Dupont…1

Point/Counterpoint: Energy independence: Two perspectives
Energy independence: It will not happen anytime soon and here’s why
R. Kinnan Golemon…4
Energy independence achievable with new environmental regulatory approach
Robert Miller and Miles Imwalle…5

Last one standing: The Roberts Court and Article III
Patrick Parenteau…6

Adapting the Endangered Species Act to climate change
J.B. Ruhl…8

Post- Rapanos fallout
Damien M. Schiff…12

Whose spigot is it? The 28th Annual Water Law Conference
Peter Sly and Jill Willis…14

Longleaf: Georgia Court of Appeals rules in coal-fired power plant appeal
Patricia T. Barmeyer and John C. Bottini…15


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