Affiliate Leader Spotlight: Jonathan H. Lomurro, LLM

Volume 37, Number 4


Alyesha Asghar is an Assistant Editor of The Affiliate and an Associate with the Charleston, West Virginia, firm of Spilman Thomas & Battle PLLC.

For Jonathan Lomurro it’s all about friends. Lomurro, a trial attorney with the Freehold, New Jersey, firm of Lomurro, Davison, Eastman & Muñoz, P.A., is the Vice-Coordinator for the ABA YLD’s New Partner and In-House Counsel Conference. In fact, it was Lomurro’s friend and colleague, Christina Vassiliou Harvey, the past chair of the New Jersey State Bar Young Lawyers Division and an active ABA YLD member, who encouraged his involvement in the New Partner and In-House Counsel Conference.

“The New Partner and In-House Counsel Conference creates a unique opportunity for attorneys,” said Lomurro. “It is very useful for young lawyers who want to make connections with in-house counsel, and I’m very excited about the next conference, which is going to be hosted on March 2–3, 2012, in Philadelphia.”

“Friends draw me to the ABA YLD and keep me coming back,” said Lomurro. “Because of the ABA YLD, I can travel to Minnesota or Oklahoma without hesitation and know I will have a friend nearby. The networking opportunities provided by the ABA YLD have provided me friends, referrals, and education.”

Lomurro’s first foray into the ABA YLD was a trip to attend the 2006 Annual Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. By all accounts, Lomurro’s trip to the conference, where he proposed to his wife, was a resounding success. Lomurro said he felt that he owed the ABA YLD a debt for playing such a major role in his life. Since his initial conference, Lomurro has secured several leadership positions within the ABA and the ABA YLD. He is a TIPS NOW Fellow of the ABA Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice Section and is Vice-Chair of its Medicine & Law Committee. He was also elected to represent the New Jersey State Bar Association in the ABA House of Delegates.

Of all his achievements with the ABA YLD Lomurro said that he is especially proud of the community service projects that he has been able to adapt to his local New Jersey affiliate. “We brought Wills for Heroes back to New Jersey and now it is a very successful program that we host once a month,” said Lomurro. “It has turned into a tremendous project. Of all my achievements with the ABA YLD, I am perhaps proudest of our success with the Wills for Heroes project”

In addition to the community service projects that Lomurro helped bring back to the New Jersey ABA YLD affiliate, he is proud of the revitalizing effect of young attorneys’ involvement in the ABA YLD. “The Young Lawyers Division of the New Jersey State Bar Association was revitalized when it began to adopt some of the organizational structure from the ABA YLD,” said Lomurro. “For example, we localized the idea of district representatives by creating county representative positions and expanded from a 10 member executive committee to one consisting of just over 30 members. Now the New Jersey State Bar Association Young Lawyers Division is a powerful state institution and like the ABA YLD, it takes positions on pending legislation.”

Lomurro, who will be the incoming Chair for the NJSBA YLD is excited about its upcoming 25th anniversary. “I am planning to invite back all the past 25 chairs and give them the recognition that they deserve for their work for this great institution,” said Lomurro. “I think it’s important for us to recognize the fact that all the great bar leaders rise from the ranks of the Young Lawyers Division. I want to reignite the Young Lawyers Division.”

For Lomurro, the spark was ignited when the ABA YLD brought him into its fold. “The ABA YLD opened up the big question mark for me,” said Lomurro. “Even though I have never actually run for a position with the ABA YLD, I have been fortunate to occupy several great leadership positions. The people I have met through the ABA YLD have simply asked me to help, and I am always willing to help.”

If Lomurro has a credo, it is that he does not say no to a new opportunity. Not surprisingly, Lomurro’s advice to young lawyers who are interested in becoming involved with the ABA YLD or their local affiliate is to “really care.” According to Lomurro, the key to leadership and active membership with an organization like the ABA YLD is to “be present and meet people. You just never know if you’re going to meet someone who can refer a case to you or give you an opportunity to shine within the organization.”

Lomurro also encourages young attorneys to mingle. “My best advice for young lawyers is to be open to new individuals and not to judge them based on where they are from,” said Lomurro. “Have fun at ABA YLD conferences, and the benefits of those relationships that you forge will come back to you threefold.”


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