How The Affiliate Will Help You Better Serve Your Affiliate

Volume 37, Number 1


Jaime Ackerman is the Editor of The Affiliate and an attorney with the Mountainside, New Jersey, firm of Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman, LLC.

As the summer comes to a close, judges and adversaries have returned from vacation, motions are being filed at a furious pace, and the unread emails in your in-box are rivaled only by the stacks of mail that you have yet to read piled on the corner of your desk. As a bar leader for your Affiliate, your focus also must turn to the start of the new bar year and the programming that you will provide to your members. By taking the time to read this newsletter, you will find a variety of resources that will assist you in providing high-quality programs to your Affiliate.

Program Ideas
The Affiliate is published six times a year by the ABA YLD. Each issue regularly features articles on particularly successful and interesting Affiliate member service and public service projects, an Affiliate spotlight, a young lawyer spotlight, articles about ABA YLD member service or public service programming, and “Around the County . . . ,” which showcases projects from all over the nation and internationally. We also routinely publish articles on Affiliates’ disaster legal services efforts and provide information about how the Affiliate Assistance Team is working to benefit ABA YLD members and Affiliates.

As a bar leader, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to provide your members with successful programs. Whether you are looking for ideas for a new member service project or struggling with how to implement the ABA YLD’s Serving Our Seniors program in your area, you can—and should—draw from the collective experiences of others. The Affiliate doesn’t just give you ideas for projects; it talks about how other Affiliates were able to implement their programs, fund them, and overcome obstacles in getting the project started.

Celebrate Your Affiliate’s Successes
If you have developed a program that you think other Affiliates could benefit from, contact us. If you think one of the outstanding young lawyers in your area deserves recognition in one of our spotlight articles, let us know. We would love to hear from you about what is going on in your Affiliate.

A successful program can not only provide the basis for other Affiliates to model projects after, but it can also be expanded or improved from year to year. Your county’s annual law clerk versus judge’s softball game could be expanded into a major fundraising opportunity in which the judiciary plays against local law firms, if done correctly. As hard as we work, not every program our Affiliate promotes will be a resounding success the first time around. Others also can learn from potential roadblocks you encountered in putting on your programs. Were there unexpected legal issues or expenses? Looking back, was there something that might have made the project even more of a success? These are the types of details that can help bar leaders and that we seek to explore in our articles.

Keep Up-to-Date with the ABA YLD
The Affiliate also will help keep you informed about what is happening in the ABA YLD. In this issue, we have articles highlighting upcoming diversity programming, including the Next Steps Challenge, and this year’s public service project, Project Salute: Young Lawyers Serving Veterans, as well as a preview of the Fall Conference in Seattle, Washington. In upcoming editions, you will see articles on the ABA YLD member service project, the Career Development Initiative, and recaps and previews of ABA YLD meetings and conferences. We will alert you to resources the Division has available to you, whether ideas for planning your Law Day activities or avenues of funding to help with the costs of your Affiliate’s member service or public service projects. You will also receive reminders about important deadlines and Affiliate activities.

You can keep yourself and your Affiliate up-to-date on ABA YLD conferences, projects, and activities by following the Division on various social media sites. The ABA YLD has two Facebook fan pages, “ABA YLD” and “ABA Young Lawyers Division Affiliates.” This year the Affiliates page has been changed to be more interactive and provide a forum for bar leaders across the country and internationally to communicate with each other.

You can also follow the ABA YLD on Twitter, @ABAYLD, and connect with the division on LinkedIn. So that we can provide you with the most useful information possible, contact us if you have news, programs, or information that would be of interest to other Affiliates. You can do this by contacting me at


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