Catholic University of America



Dates: May 17–June 7

Courses: Elective courses in the field of international human rights.

Tuition/fees: $915/credit, $475 program fee, $100 application fee.

Housing: Approximately, $1,200 (may vary due to fluctuations in the exchange rate).

Deadline: February 28 (preferred)

Apply to: Constantia Dedoulis,



Dates: June 13–July 15

Courses: Law of the EU, Comparative & Int’l Trade, Int’l Business Transactions, Int’l Securities Reg., ADR Methods

Tuition/fees: $1,000/credit, $475 program fee, $100 non-refundable application fee

Housing: Approximately, $575 (dorm/double) to $1150 (dorm/single) (may vary due to fluctuations in the exchange rate)

Deadline: March 6 (preferred, or until program reaches maximum capacity)

Apply to: Constantia Dedoulis


Southwestern Los Angeles Law School: Study Abroad


University of San Diego Study Abroad


American University Washington College of Law: Study Abroad


St. Mary's University: Travel Europe and Study Law at the University of Innsbruck


Hamline University: London Study Abroad


Tulane Law: Study Abroad 2015


The University of Mexico School of Law: Madrid Study Abroad 2015


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