December 2014

Law Schools 3.0


Law Schools 3.0

Technology is revolutionizing the practice of law. We take a look at some innovative law schools leading the way.

Todd Hoover, a part-time 3L at Stetson University College of Law, is fighting for racial literacy equality in Florida.

It is still tougher for women and people of color to find mentors and sponsors willing to invest in their careers, but it is a critical component for success.

Start-up expert Alicia Morga carved out a thriving alternative career in the tech sphere by following her curiosity.

On the perks of reading in print, learning to "fall forward," maintaining a professional social media presence, and why good legal writing takes time.

Law Student Division liaisons weigh in on key trends, future industry forecast, and most exciting elements of the ABA entities and practice areas they've partnered with this year.


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