September 2013

Transformative Tech Tips

Cover Story

Transformative Tech Tips

Technological understanding is an essential lawyering skill, according to the ABA Law Practice Management Section. It helps students manage their time and prepare for practice. In this article, some of the section’s resident technology experts present their best tips for law students.

Luke Bielawski spent his summer hitting golf balls from the rough. He took an estimated 48,000 strokes as he golfed from California to South Carolina—or “From Tee to Shining Tee” as he called it. He was golfing to raise money for scholarships for impoverished children.

How to succeed in law school? Don't forget to enjoy it!

A place for lawyers like you, networking tips, and avoiding clichés.

Ben Zion sought career satisfaction. He found it as a small business owner. He uses his legal training to guide his new company on the path to success.


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