JD to ESQ to CEO

Vol. 42 No. 2


Leslie A. Gordon (leslie.gordon@stanfordalumni.org) is a secret lawyer who works as a freelance legal affairs journalist and novelist. Her most recent novel is Cheer: A Novel.

Robert Musslewhite decided to attend law school because he thought he’d enjoy being a trial lawyer like his dad. “I thought courtroom action was interesting and I thought it would be an interesting education. I was one of those crazy people who thought law school would be fun,” he quipped.

He never made it to the courtroom. Instead, he found his calling in the boardroom. While he’s still an ESQ, the letters CEO are the title he uses. He currently leads 2,200 employees at the Advisory Board Company. His company is a research, technology, and consulting firm partnering with health care and educational organizations.

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