Counseling Combat Vets

Vol. 42 No. 2

Nicole Israel, a 3L at New York Law School, is student editor of Student Lawyer.

The past decade saw the greatest number of young combat veterans in a generation. The difficulties Iraq and Afghanistan veterans experience reintegrating into civil society have been widely publicized. Some of the problems plaguing these veterans include inadequate access to counseling and a higher incidence of both suicide and unemployment. SEAN DENNIS, a 3L at Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville, helps veterans cope with these problems.

Dennis is no stranger to such stressors. He served as an Army chaplain twice. He served in Iraq in 2007 and in Afghanistan in 2010. Now, he serves his fellow veterans by providing counseling to those struggling. “Reintegration is a daunting reality for all combat veterans, even if they won’t acknowledge it as such,” said Dennis. “Principally, it takes time to adjust to life that is no longer a war zone, and that means being patient with oneself and others.”

When faced with law school stress, Sean Dennis knows how to put things in perspective.

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