November 2013

Fictional Lawyers: Reel Lessons to be Learned


Fictional Lawyers: Reel Lessons to be Learned

Fictional lawyers face all manner of ethical issues. While exaggerated, those situations present law students, and practicing lawyers, with valuable hypothetical examples. Acknowledging the element of drama intentionally inserted, fictional lawyers can still teach valuable lessons. This article looks at some of the more memorable—and egregious—fictional lawyers of recent years.

Talilia Lewis found her calling while interning at a public defender’s office. She was intrigued by a deaf man’s case. After further investigation, she believed that he was wrongly imprisoned for murder. The man did not have access to an interpreter and the investigating officers didn’t understand how to communicate with the man. Following that experience, she founded a nonprofit organization to educate the deaf about and advocate for their legal rights.

Listening is one of the great superpowers.

Tips to choose opportunities wisely, be a Google-savvy researcher, and look your best.

Whittney Fruin spent seven years as a lawyer solving client's problems. It was a process she very much enjoyed. Now, she helps lawyers solve their problems as a life coach.


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