Secret Lawyer: From the Courtroom to the Beach

Vol. 42 No. 9


Leslie A. Gordon is a secret lawyer who has been working as a freelance legal affairs journalist for more than 10 years.

After graduating from the John Marshall Law School, Michael Palermo spent two-and-a-half years representing labor unions at a Chicago law firm. He later worked for the state of Illinois, prosecuting doctors, dentists, and other professionals. After returning to private practice to handle construction litigation and personal injury cases, Palermo eventually decided to hang his own shingle for litigation and business law cases. During that time, he also taught legal writing at his alma mater.

Meanwhile, Palermo had started taking yoga classes and doing yoga videos at home. In 2009, his interest in yoga “started getting real serious,” he recalled. He began doing yoga almost daily. One day, while on the website of the yoga studio he frequented, he stumbled upon information about yoga teacher training.

“I thought, ‘I taught law school, maybe I should teach yoga.’ As soon as I said it out loud, that was it,” Palermo said. In 2012, he completed a six-month yoga teacher training program. “It was pretty intense,” said Palermo, who continued to practice law during the course but began gradually scaling back his cases.

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