Champion Against Abuse

Vol. 42 No. 9


Nicole Israel is a 3L at New York Law School and the student editor of Student Lawyer .

This month, Diana Alvarado Chavez, a 3L at Gonzaga University School of Law, will receive her JD. She is determined to use her degree to help domestic violence victims reclaim their lives.

Chavez was raised in Mexico City before moving to Washington State as a grade-schooler. Growing up, Chavez realized she wanted to serve one the most vulnerable segments of the population—victims of domestic abuse.

“I wanted to help provide services for those who didn’t have access to legal representation,” Chavez said. “For me growing up as a Mexican-American, language was a barrier, there aren’t as many Latino attorneys. I just felt I had a connection with the [domestic abuse] work. I had found something that I was really passionate about and wanted to provide as much help as possible.”

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