March 2014

Law Review: Will It Open Doors for Your Career?

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Law Review: Will It Open Doors for Your Career?

For many years, law review was the premier law school extracurricular activity. Is that still the case? Are there benefits to being on law review that you cannot get anywhere else? How do you get on and do well? If you don’t join law review, what should you do instead? This article examines the current state of law review.

Othel Doyle (“Trey”) Kelley III wears a lot of hats. He’s a law student, works at a law firm, and represents his district in the Georgia House of Representatives. He was elected in November 2012 and is serving his freshman term while finishing law school. He uses his legal education to craft legislation to help his community.

I wish I had know that risk leads to reward.

Quick looks at hot practice areas, a possible cost-saving trend in casebook usage, and maximizing the benefit of study groups.

Samantha Daniels left a matrimonial law practice to make matches. She runs a matchmaking company that caters to successful people looking for love. She enjoyed law, but was usually on the breaking people up end. Now, she gets to help start marriages.


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