New Mexico Law Receives Division’s Diversity Award

Vol. 42 No. 5


The Division honored the University of New Mexico School of Law’s Mexican American Law Student Association (MALSA) with the 2013 National Achievement in Diversity Award.

Each year, the award recognizes a student bar association’s contribution to the achievement and advancement of women, minorities, persons of disability, and persons of different sexual orientation and gender identities.

Consuelo Gonzales, co-president of MALSA, said the recognition is a result of more than 42 years of advocacy and pioneering by the thousands of previous MALSA members advancing minority access to the law and legal education in New Mexico.

“Through a legacy of educational initiatives and mentorship programming, we aim to bring people from every spectrum of New Mexico’s community together to foster a legal ecosystem that closely reflects our society and addresses the needs of all its citizens,” said Gonzales. “This award gives national meaning to MALSA’s legacy of exemplary service to the people of the State of New Mexico and to the cause of diversity in the practice of law.”

Founded in 1970, MALSA is the largest student organization at the law school and is a critical support network for Hispanics/Latinos and other student minorities. Through outreach programs, MALSA organizes social, educational, and service-oriented events for its student members. It also mentors New Mexico high school and undergraduate students interested in attending law school.

“MALSA is deeply humbled to have received this prestigious honor, and we are truly appreciative of the ongoing support received from our student members, fellow student organizations, and faculty. It is indeed a delight to share this distinction with our UNM School of Law community.” n


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