Job Searching Tips for Law Students and New Graduates

Vol. 42 No. 5


Carla J. Develder, a former law school associate dean with experience in student affairs and career development, is in-house counsel in the insurance industry in Omaha, Nebraska.

First, let’s recognize that all job searches are stressful. The closer you are to graduation, the more pressure you likely feel. Along with pressure, you will probably experience a range of emotions including nervousness, intimidation, being overwhelmed, frustation, and—hopefully—elation at the end. Here are some tips to help you through the search and stay on track.

1. Pay attention to your mental state

Recognize the stress your situation creates and find a healthy coping mechanism into which you can direct your stress. Without an appropriate outlet, job search frustration can creep into your demeanor. Negativity can turn off potential employers as well as those who are willing to help you. Don’t let such feelings prevent you from moving forward or sabotage your job search.


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