I wish I had known how fun the practice of law could be.

Vol. 42 No. 5


John Bursch is the Michigan Solicitor General and supervises all of the State’s appellate litigation. Last fall, John Argued his sixth, seventh, and eighth cases in the US Supreme Court. He is a three-time “Distinguished Brief Award” winner for his advocacy before the Michigan Supreme Court, and a two-time National Association of Attorneys General “Best Brief Award” winner for his advocacy before the Us Supreme Court.

I did not attend law school to be a lawyer. I didn’t really know any lawyers when I was in college; all I knew was that I wanted to go to law school. As a college freshman, I read Scott Turow’s One L, a novel about the author’s experience as a first-year student at Harvard Law School. I was intrigued by the intellectual rigor and challenges of a legal education, and I knew I wanted to be part of that environment. Even after I started law school, I often pictured myself as a future law professor rather than a practitioner.

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