January 2014

New Lawyers: Stories from Recent Graduates


New Lawyers: Stories from Recent Graduates

Lawyers who recently transitioned from student to practitioner can better speak to the experience that current students will soon go through. New lawyers who made that transition during the recent poor economy are even better suited to speak to this generation’s struggles. Here, six new lawyers discuss their experience becoming practitioners and pass on the lessons they learned.

John Medeiros raises awareness across Minnesota about legal issues important to the LGBT community. He has had his hands full with the recent US Supreme Court opinions on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 and a legislative effort in Minnesota to amend its constitution to define marriage as solely between a man and a woman. Medeiros works hard to make equality an issue for all of Minnesota.

I wish I had known how fun the practice of law could be.

Tips to be budget conscious about lunch invitations, tweet with attorneys, and explore career options with your JD.

Maria Flores-Mills liked higher education so much that she made a career of it. After getting her JD she joined the University of Iowa’s staff working on recruitment for underrepresented groups. She later oversaw a DePauw University’s internal judicial review process. Now, she tackles problems like compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as associate dean for undergraduate students at Princeton.


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