February 2014

Coming Storm or Safe Harbor: Managing Your Finances Is the Key


Coming Storm or Safe Harbor: Managing Your Finances Is the Key

Personal finance is a difficult issue for most people. For law students, it is even more so as costly tuition and books, unpaid or law-wage employment, and student loan debt make it an unpleasant issue to consider. This article provides helpful advice for law students to plan for long-term financial health by careful budgeting and developing the necessary skills now.

Bailey Standish is a law student on a mission to make Aurora, Illinois the best place to live that it can be. While in law school, she has helped found a nonprofit organization to help economically disadvantaged Aurora youth get job training. She has also launched a medical-legal partnership clinic through Northern Illinois University so that low-income Aurora residents can get their legal and medical needs met.

I wish I had known that choosing the path to happiness isn't the risky choice.

Quick looks at whether law school should add a fourth year, law school's ancillary benefits, and what small-firm employers are looking for.

Anna Gil’s coworkers love her so much that they occasionally have to kiss her. A trained research scientist and patent attorney, she traded in her lab coat for Labradors. Instead of lamb’s wool suits, she now works covered in dog hair. She couldn’t be happier. She left the practice of law to run a doggy day care.


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