Head of the Class: Tracing Her Roots: One Woman's Journey Back Home

Vol. 42 No. 4


Melanie Ghaw is a New Jersey-based writer and lawyer.

Ashley Ray is a passionate advocate for Native American communities. As a 3L at the University of Idaho College of Law, she lives between two Native American reservations. “As an African-American and Native American woman, I have personally experienced prejudice and social inequality,” she said. “I want to use my legal experience, education, and knowledge to serve my communities and further equality.”  

As a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, she developed a passion for advocating for underserved communities. While being raised in Florida, her family fostered a connection to her roots with regular trips to Oklahoma, where her parents were raised. She was introduced to native law during an intensive, highly selective pre-law summer institute that prepares Native American students for law school. With that background, she set herself on the path to represent such communities.  


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