December 2013

Leadership Starts From the Heart

Cover Story

Leadership Starts From the Heart

Increasingly, employers are looking for leadership experience in applicants. Leadership begins with passion. Leadership comes in many forms and experience can be gained in lots of ways. This article examines what employers are looking for and how to get it.

Ashley Ray is a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and a passionate advocate for Native American communities. She has worked hard in law school to benefit Native Americans through work in a tribal prosecutor’s office and helping people protect their assets through estate planning. She plans to continue her work as a lawyer.

Rest assured that you will find your calling.

Tips to plan for the bar exam, discuss your personal life in job interviews, and get the skills that will make you practice ready.

Since getting sworn in as a lawyer, Cara Esposito has been advocating for juveniles. First she helped juveniles as a prosecuting attorney with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and then in the nonprofit sector. She now leads a nonprofit foundation that funds innovative education programs in southern California. Instead of helping one kid at a time, she now helps whole classrooms or schools.


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