April 2014

When to Gripe About a Grade


When to Gripe About a Grade

Almost all law students know the pain of a grade lower than expected. For those occasions where something really isn’t right, many schools have procedures for challenging a grade. This article examines the process to determine if a grade should be challenged and looks at some schools’ procedures for doing so.

Judy Hale Reed has dedicated and is dedicating her career to advocating for human trafficking victims. This modern day slavery is pervasive and she is using her legal education to spread the word by educating legal and medical professionals on its reality.

I wish I had known how important the bar association is to career success.

Three short pieces on opening a solo practice, managing time for better exam performance, and improving grades through self-assessment.

Kelly Boyd has spent considerable time learning her way around the legal world of venture capitalism. When the opportunity came to become her own venture capitalist, she took it. She uses her legal skills to guide her own company now.


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