March 2013

Student Loan Timeline for Graduating Students

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Student Loan Timeline for Graduating Students

Graduating law students have a lot to think about. You’ll need to pay attention to your student loans while you are studying for the bar examination and conducting your employment search. An organized approach can keep your payments affordable, protect your credit rating, and help you avoid fees and extra interest costs.

A large majority of law students have the same overwhelming feeling as they go through law school––not enough hours in the day and too many tasks to complete. First-year Quinnipiac University School of Law student Vanessa Brown somehow finds the time to complete her law school duties and save lives. Brown is a physician in the emergency room of Stamford Hospital in Connecticut.

Without full engagement, you won't learn all that there is to learn.

Fear, your laptop, and grammar help.

Eric Tao went to law school “to defer life,” quips the 1995 graduate of the University of California, Hastings College of Law. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do.” Yet despite what he calls “aimless direction,” Tao says putting himself in the law school environment was the best decision he ever made. In law school, he fine-tuned his liberal arts college background and became “skilled at critical thinking.”

Students, faculty, and staff are accomplishing great things at our law schools. Some of these leaders and entities are managing well-oiled machines institutionalized many years ago; other projects are in their infancy. Regardless of the longevity of such endeavors, most, if not all, deserve recognition. At the very least, we should bring attention to the efforts that these leaders put forth on a local level. Often, these leaders deserve more—perhaps national recognition.


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