December 2012

Law School Clinics Provide Real-World Training

Cover Story

Law School Clinics Provide Real-World Training

Walking across the stage to receive her diploma might be only the second-most memorable experience of Larisa Bowman’s graduation day from Stanford University Law School in 2009.

David Menchaca had been preparing for Jeopardy his entire life. After years of watching the show, Menchaca decided it was time to try out.

Mike Yang is general counsel at Pinterest, where he heads the company’s newly formed legal department.

Practice areas, job hunting, tips for 2Ls.

When Rana DiOrio graduated from Vanderbilt Law School in 1991, she joined the corporate securities team at a large San Francisco firm.

During this time of frantic studying and hurried shopping, I urge you to remember to take time for yourself, your families and friends, and your communities.


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