April 2013

Yes, Virginia, There Is Still Gender Bias in the Profession

Cover Story

Yes, Virginia, There Is Still Gender Bias in the Profession

Women still face challenges as they progress through the legal ranks. However, smart moves can help you work around them and build a long, strong career.

Many law students walk through the halls of their institutions just struggling to make sure they remember all the rules, statutes, and cases they are responsible for. They simply focus on what they have in front of them and rarely venture out of the legal arena. For Kevin Downs, his travels abroad have given him an opportunity to venture out and participate in a multitude of programs to give back to those in need.

Clients are looking for your best judgment, not just your best legal analysis.

The truth about Big Law, the incredible shrinking law class, and tips from a student-parent.

Before graduating from Harvard Law School in 1993, Mary Flood spent years working as a journalist. “My dream job then was to work at the Attorney General’s office in Texas making sure that charities spent their money appropriately,” she recalls. “But I wound up looking at law school loans and decided to go with everyone else and look like a flight attendant wearing a navy suit to a law firm. I didn’t want to be poor.”

When I began law school, the American Bar Association was nothing more than another table at my university’s organizational fair. Little did I know that stopping for a piece of candy and a water bottle would have led me to the association that has become the greatest part of my law school career.


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