Getting Seriously Good—in Public

Vol. 40 No. 3


Bryan A. Garner is the president of LawProse, Inc. He is the author of many widely used books, including Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges (with Justice Antonin Scalia) and Garner’s Modern American Usage. He is the editor in chief of all current editions of Black’s Law Dictionary.

For years I’ve encouraged lawyers to write for publication. I suggest starting with a local bar’s newsletter. Write about the useful know-how you’ve picked up in practice. The same goes for interns, externs, and law clerks. If nothing else, you’ll learn a great deal in preparing nuts-and-bolts pieces; whether you’re addressing the intricacies of removing a case from state to federal court, representing banks in garnishment actions, or protecting a client’s interests in the assignment of patents. After handling countless practical problems for their clients, lawyers and aspiring lawyers can increase their skills by writing about what they know.

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