Where are the jobs?


Where are the jobs?

It’s not news that for grads leaving law school, competition for entry-level positions is stiff and jobs are difficult to come by. But this doesn’t mean they are impossible to find—it just means applying a little more time and creativity to your search. With that in mind, it’s important for freshly minted attorneys and students to understand legal trends in this country and be open-minded to the possibility of overseas opportunities.

Born on Wheelus Air Force Base in Tripoli, Libya, David Cain grew up around planes and aeronautics.

"Advice to young litigators: jump in and try it."

Learn by teaching others, networking tips, and what's good about being a 3L.

Legal training, Miller adds, is "highly transferable to a leadership position. If you're a good leader in a substantive area, you can switch--learn a new technical area and continue to be an effective leader.

The ABA Law Student Division encourages students to create and participate in new programs and initiatives that will benefit schools and communities.


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