May 2012

Ask Us Anything: Lawyers Answer Your Toughest Questions

Cover Story

Ask Us Anything: Lawyers Answer Your Toughest Questions

How great would it be to ask a practicing lawyer that difficult, maybe even intensely personal, question you have been struggling with and perhaps afraid to actually ask?

LaVonne Idlette is always on the run—and not just because she’s an Olympic trackster.

Take the time to learn your craft and do good work.

Getting serious about science, your academic support office, and cover letters.

While a student at Harvard Law School, Michael Fertik figured he would “probably practice law for some time,” but didn’t know if he’d do it forever. To that end, he recalls, “I was lining myself up to practice appellate law.”

We sometimes experience sadness as the sun sets on a beautiful day, but we are relieved to know it will rise again in the morning. Writing this is bittersweet because it is my last Officially Speaking column as the chair of the Law Student Division.


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