Succeeding in Both Family and Law School

Vol. 40 No. 7


G.M. Filisko is a lawyer and freelance writer in Chicago.

Rebecca A. Clark admits she was stunned into tears by a three-student panel discussion on handling family life during her law school orientation.

“It was not a positive presentation,” says the 2008 graduate now employed at the Law Office of James B. Palmquist III in Medina, Ohio. “It was very dark, with panelists saying things like, ‘I have not gone to a movie in three years’ and ‘My family went to Disney World, but all I did was study.’ I left crying, got into my car, and called my husband. I said, ‘I am never going to make it!’ He told me not to listen to those people and to go back into the orientation. I did, and I said to myself, ‘I am not going to be like those students.’ And I was not.”

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