Liaison Notebook

Vol. 40 No. 5


Joe Sullivan, a 3L at the University of Notre Dame Law School, is the 2011–12 Law Student Division liaison to the Section of Labor and Employment Law.

Labor and employment law has been at the forefront of public attention in the past year. From public sector employee regulations in states like Wisconsin to the largest class action lawsuit ever filed against America’s largest private employer, there has never been a more exciting time for students interested in labor law.

The ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law is a great way for students to keep apprised of emerging issues and form networking bonds with labor and employment attorneys across the country. The Section is ideal for students interested in representing employees, unions, employers, or the government. The Section maintains great balance in all areas of labor and employment law with 18 separate committees for students to join based on their interests.

The Section provides many opportunities for students to get involved. The eighth annual Trial Advocacy Competition is a great way for student teams to develop their advocacy skills and is open to all ABA student members. The fifth annual Section conference in Seattle, Washington, is a fantastic way to meet labor and employment attorneys from across the nation and attend seminars about the fascinating topics taught by labor and employment leaders. Numerous webcasts and in-person CLEs throughout the nation keep law students on the cutting edge of the labor and employment field. And, the Outreach to Law Students Task Force offers on-campus luncheon panels at ABA-approved law schools where students may learn more about the dynamic practice of labor and employment law from a panel of knowledgeable local practitioners who will share real-life situations and information on their practice area.

Section membership is free to all ABA Law Student Division members. More information can be found on the Section website.



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