January 2012

Schools Respond to Shifts in Legal Landscape

Cover Story

Schools Respond to Shifts in Legal Landscape

The rapid technological, economic, and cultural changes sweeping through the legal profession at the dawn of the 21st century have left forward-thinking educators pondering ways to better prepare their students, particularly 3Ls, for the new realities they will face upon gaining their JD.

One stereotype about lawyers is they chase ambulances. When she graduates in 2016, Southern Illinois University School of Law 2L Joyce Yong will have the opportunity to ride in one.

"You owe it to yourself, your clients, your family, and your life to guide your own path," says Lori G. Cohen of Greenberg Traurig LLP.

eLawyering, federal rules ebook, and how to improve your future career health.

After majoring in political science and international relations in college, Adam Beltzman then––in what he calls an “autopilot decision”––enrolled at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Law.

The year 2012 has arrived and it's time to take control over your future! Some of you have just completed your first semester of law school, while others are preparing for your final semester. No matter what type of law student you are, the ABA as the resources you need to succeed.


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