Worried About the Bar Exam?

Vol. 40 No. 4


G.M. Filisko is a lawyer and freelance writer in Chicago.

Fear of failure is common for students preparing for the bar exam. Put that nervous energy to good use with smart bar exam preparation.

It can happen to the best of students—the mortifying failure of the bar exam.

Maybe you underperform on standardized tests. Maybe you make careless mistakes under extreme pressure. Whatever the cause, you have a nagging fear you will be like the 32 percent of test-takers in 2010 who, according to the National Conference of Bar Examiners, failed that trying exam.

You can get beyond your worries and prepare wisely by understanding why some students do not pass, following expert advice on how to avoid common roadblocks to success, taking advantage of the resources available for students preparing for the exam, and—if you fall short—realizing that failure is but a mere speed bump in a legal career.

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