April 2012

Disabled Law Students See Largest Hurdles at Entrance, Exit

Cover Story

Disabled Law Students See Largest Hurdles at Entrance, Exit

Stanford University Law School has handled third-year student Elizabeth Kolbe’s physical disability virtually without a hitch, but Kolbe is well aware she’s lucky in that regard. Through her role as president of the National Association of Law Students with Disabilities (NALSWD), Kolbe has gotten a broader sense of what law students with disabilities face.

As an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis, John kastl double majored in biology and drama.

Take the time to learn your craft and do good work.

The paperless casebook, good news about legal jobs, adjunct professors.

Jodi Ettenberg never wento to college, but when a friend bet her that she couldn't get into law school, she was determined to prove she could. At 18, she was accepted to lawy school at McGill University in her hometown of Montreal. She graduated in 2002 at 22.

The year 2012 has arrived and it's time to take control over your future! Some of you have just completed your first semester of law school, while others are preparing for your final semester. No matter what type of law student you are, the ABA as the resources you need to succeed.


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