Building Bridges for a Better Tomorrow

Vol. 39 No. 9


Vik Kapoor is the law student liaison to the Section of Dispute Resolution, an active member of the Section’s membership and mediation committees, and chair of the law student advisory committee.

Conflict is pervasive. We see it every day––on the streets, in casebooks, perhaps over dinner. But law school offers limited exposure to the practitioner’s role in mitigating conflict. Enter the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution––a network of more than 19,000 mediators, arbitrators, negotiators, former judges, government lawyers, academics, and others from far less expected walks of life. Thousands of the Section's members are students who get involved in various contests and competitions, attend meetings, and pursue their passion of learning more about dispute resolution.

The Section boasts diverse activities for this diverse group of people. The Section of Dispute Resolution truly cares about its student members. There is an active push for more student involvement, and we urge you to take advantage. Interested in holding a national leadership position, working on impactful research, or organizing a regional career panel? Let’s work together to achieve our goals. Visit for more information about the Section of Dispute Resolution.


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