May 2011

Summer Associate Cautionary Tales

Cover Story

Summer Associate Cautionary Tales

Behold Aquagirl. She’s not a superhero, exactly—more of a cautionary tale for summer associates. One of many, many cautionary tales for summer associates.

Jaclyn Hilderbrand credits her winning on Wheel of Fortune to part luck and part skill.

A round up of law school news from across the country.

Prioritizing your most important goals can change your life, according to Mary Cranston of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

A look at law school blogging, going solo, and learning case law by setting the details to music.

According to Maja Hazell, law school also teaches how to communicate, how to tailor a message to the audience, and how to break down a problem.

Many students have received internships and even jobs because of the contacts they have made.


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