February 2011

The Secret Lawyers: Leveraging the Law in Creative Ways

Cover Story

The Secret Lawyers: Leveraging the Law in Creative Ways

They lurk in sometimes surprising places: boardrooms, sports arenas, even artist studios. You can’t spot them with eyes alone—you have to get to know them first. Soon, you’ll discover their expert communication skills, creativity, willingness to work hard, and problem-solving prowess—and that will be the tell.

For Amanda Beck, working on the film The Judge and the General with journalist Elizabeth Farnsworth was a dream fulfilled.

A round up of law school news from across the country.

According to Lee Wolosky, the old adage is true: There is much more to being a good lawyer than what you learn in law school.

Quick tips on the use of social networking sites, early admission, resume building, and more.

One of the purposes of the ABA Law Student Division is to promote diversity and equal opportunity within the legal profession.


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