A Passion to Serve

Vol. 39 No. 4


There is a lot that I can say about passion, leadership,service, and people. However, if you want me to speak all day and night, I cando so about leaders who have a passion for the people they serve. I considerrepresenting and advocating on behalf of the students in the 199 ABA-approvedlaw schools in this country to be one of my greatest honors, and I take it veryseriously.

One of thegreatest, most rewarding things a person can do is to serve other people usingthe talents, skills, and abilities that are inherent in each of us. Now,perhaps more than ever, the Law Student Division needs strong leaders to helpchart the course for the future of the Division and for its law studentconstituents. Students who possess a high level of leadership, management, andbusiness acumen should consider serving their fellow law students.

To be clear,these positions are not for those simply looking for a résumé boost; thesepositions require real work, time, and effort. If you have a passion forservice to this nation’s law students, then I encourage you to step forward.Begin preparing now for leadership by learning as much as you can about the ABA, the Law StudentDivision, and the issues that confront law students. Consider your classschedules now. Plan to take summer classes to lighten your course load duringthe fall term so you can serve more efficiently. Get involved now.

I encourageyou to contact anyone in the Division’s leadership to acquire an understandingof what is required to serve. Information on leadership opportunities can befound on the Division’s website at www.abanet.org/lsd/elections.

Rest assuredthat your current leaders are working hard on your behalf. For example, we aretrying to get as many student interests as we can before Congress. We areworking with other ABAentities to ensure that no student who considers a law school education does sowith faulty or misleading information. We are working to make ABA conferences, meetings, and events moreaccessible to students. We are working on ways to provide greater support toyour in-school ABA representatives so you knowwhat resources and opportunities are available to you as a law student memberof the ABA.

TheDivision’s Board of Governors wishes you the best during this exam period andhappy holidays to each of you. 


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