April 2011

How to Chart Your Career Path

Cover Story

How to Chart Your Career Path

Get the most out of your career services office. With the legal market at a historic low, the brunt of law students' frustration surrounding jobs is often directed at their career services office. If you are dissatisfied, what steps can you take to maximize your experience?

Isabel Cowles Murphy’s love of the environment and food has led her to diverse places.

A round up of law school news from across the country.

It takes work to learn how to listen, according to Michele Coleman Mayes, executive vice president and general counsel for Allstate Insurance Company.

A look at the iPad for law schools, how to cite an e-book, and alternative résumés for alternative careers.

Although Keith Belling graduated near the top of his class from Hastings College of Law, he never intended to practice law.

Leadership doesn't always come in dramatic packaging.


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