Editor’s Message

Vol. 37 No. 2


Erica Levine Powers is in private practice in Albany, New York, and the editor of State & Local Law News.

A warm welcome to our new Section committees: International, Native American and Tribal Law, and the Judicial Committee that is being formed, as well as our highly productive Attorney General and Justice Department Issues Committee and Young Lawyers Committee. This issue of SLLN is a paradigm for topics of interest to Section members, old and new.

These include a “hot topics” article on the unusual role of elected country clerks issuing same-sex marriage licenses in New Mexico; a thoughtful presentation of the confounding legal aspects of invocational prayers and local government; a summary of a Santa Fe panel presentation on Updates to the Disaster Law from the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act, including the perspectives of state, local, and tribal governments in responding to disasters; and a report on an official visit to T’bilisi, in the Republic of Georgia, from the newly appointed chair of the Section’s International Committee. Other initiatives of the Section, ranging from the a Section bylaw amendment to a call for participation in the informal working group on resilience planning for disasters, appear as short articles in this issue.

Writing for the SLLN is a good way to participate and become more involved in the Section. It is quite likely that an article or case report in State & Local Law News will lead to a CLE or webinar, and sometimes a book. We solicit some articles. We rely on regular contributions from our Supreme Court columnist, Sophia M. Stadnyk, with many thanks. SLLN articles are 2,000 words, maximum, with endnotes; case summaries and reports on committees are typically 200 to 300 words.

Topics should be of overall interest to Section members. If you have a topic that you want to explore for publication, contact the Editor: erica.powers@gmail.com, mobile phone 845/926-2459. Try writing a one-paragraph or one-page summary; although this is not a requirement before you contact me, it will help both of us to clarify the topic. If you send me a final draft, up to two weeks before SLLN deadline, I will edit it with you.


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