B-Tech Update

Vol. 8 No. 3

Calhoun "Reb" Thomas is the B-Tech Update columnist for The SciTech Lawyer. He can be reached at CRT@bionano.com.


This column is devoted to developments in legislative, judicial, and public policy matters concerning the science and technology areas of biotechnology, pharmacy, life sciences, and related arts.



Translation:  The National Institutes of Health’s Office of Technology Transfer gets into the fast lane “pretty dang quick” with a new online resource that allows companies to license NIH materials.  They are calling it the electronic Research Materials catalogue (eRMa), and the NIH says it can shorten a typical transaction from taking months to only a couple of days.  This improvement may become very significant in light of the fact that the NIH OTT handles almost $100 million in royalty payments each year. You can learn more about this new system in the GenomeWeb article “NIH Launches Online Tech Transfer System” or at www.OTT.NIH.gov.


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