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The quarterly Public Contract Law Journal, the Section’s flagship publication, is dedicated exclusively, yet broadly, to public contract and grant law and related areas of practice. A focal point for the examination of timely legal issues confronting the judiciary, administrative tribunals, and the bar, the PCL Journal presents editorial coverage the mirrors the interest of its membership and seeks to solicit and present the multiplicity of views with in the Section. In each issue of the PCL Journal, you’ll find scholarly. It is prepared in cooperation with The George Washington University Law School.

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Current Issue

Public Contract Law Journal
Volume 45 Number 4
Summer 2016


Federal Circuit Year-in-Review 2015—The Federal Circuit Giveth, and the Federal Circuit Taketh
Brian G. Walsh, Tara L. Ward, Gary S. Ward, Margaret E. Matavich, George E. Petel, and Nina S. Rustgi

Attacking Bribery at Its Core: Shifting Focus to the Demand Side of the Bribery Equation
Lindsay B. Arrieta

Protests of Orders: A Drizzle or a Downpour: Examining the Results of the Government Accountability Office’s Exclusive Protest Jurisdiction Following the 2008 NDAA Amendments to FASA
George Michael Ebert

Performance-Enhancing Drugs and the False Claims Act: Why the Government Can’t Make the Cut
Jeremy S. Harn


Trading Fraud Liability for National Security: A Proposal to Amend the False Claims Act for Cybersecurity Contractors
Lauren Naylor

The Importance of Aligning the U.S. Post Office Closure Process with Government Procurement Ideals
Marissa E. Perlmutter

Provisional and Forgotten: The Department of Homeland Security Should Take Steps to Receive Permanent Other Transactional Authority
George E. “Trip” Stewart III

Applying Yesterday’s Solutions to Today’s Problems on Tomorrow’s IT Procurement: Why the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act Won’t Solve IT Procurement Problems
Stephanie Williamson



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