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Ethics and Law Practice


The Unauthorized Practice of Law: How Transactional Lawyers Can Avoid It
July/August, at 54.
Hammond, Celeste M.


Curing Execution Errors and Mistaken Terms in Wills; The Restatement of Wills Delivers New Tools (and New Duties) to Probate Lawyers
January/February, at 28; as corrected in March/April, at 6
Langbein, John H.,

Intangibles Are the Real Thing
September/October, at 34
Lennhoff, David C.


You Don’t Do Estate Planning? Practical Advice for Your Clients
July/August 2002, at 58.
Dinn, Irwin J.

Settling Real Estate Disputes: The Settlement Agreement
March/April 2002, at 30.
Greenwald, Dennis L.

Getting Through the Real Estate Transaction Jungle: A Survival Guide
May/June 2002, at 20.
Nathanson, Gregg A.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Estate Planners
January/February 2002, at 58.
Rothschild, Alan F., Jr.

USA PATRIOT Act and the Gatekeeper Initiative: Surprising Implications for Transactional Lawyers
September/October 2002, at 26.
Shepherd, Kevin L.


Avoiding Conflicts in Estate Planning: An Estate Planning Lawyer’s Perspective
November/December 2001, at 33.
Bourland, Michael V. and David P. Dunning,

Challenges for Residential Real Estate Lawyers
March/April 2001, at 17.
Browne, Edmond R., Jr.

Fee Forfeiture in Legal Malpractice Cases
September/October 2001, at 54.
Buckner, Shyla R.

Avoiding Conflicts in Estate Planning: A Divorce Lawyer’s Perspective
November/December 2001, at 32.
Oyler, Connolly

Professionalism for the Real Estate Law Practitioner
September/October 2001, at 28.
Salsich, Peter W., Jr.

Drafting Made Easy
May/June 2001, at 32.
Saltz, Sidney G.

After the Closing: A Legal Tragedy That Didn’t Need to Be
November/December 2001, at 54 .
Stein, Joshua


Mediating Probate Disputes
July/Aug. 1999, at 10.
Gary, Susan N.

Service on Charity Boards
Jan./Feb. 1999, at 28.
Weinberg, Mark B.