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Estate and Trust Administration


Administration with Attitude: When to Talk, When to Walk
May/June 2002, at 12.
Engelhardt, Jo Ann, and Robert W. Whitman


Planning and Drafting from the Fiduciary’s Perspective
March/April 2001, at 31.
Bekerman, Marc S., Jo Ann Engelhardt and Isabel Miranda

The Estate Separate Share Rule and S Corporation Stock
May/June 2001, at 28.
Douglass, W. Birch, III and T. Randolph Harris

To Sell or Cellar? What Fiduciaries Need to Know about Wine

March/April 2001, at 6.
Pankauski, John J.

Are Percentage Trust Termination Fees

November/December 2001, at 49
Sklarz, Jeffrey M., and Robert Whitman

Estate Planning for Pets
July/August 2001, at 6.
Beyer, Gerry W.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning for Nontraditional Families
January/February 2001, at 6.
Chasen, Jerry Simon and Elizabeth F. Schwartz

Some Dos and Don’ts under Code § 2036
January/February 2001, at 56.
Digby, Darin N., Strings and Rope Burns

Drafting 101: Don’t Lose the Marital Deduction
January/February 2001, at 34.
McCreesh, John J., IV

Family Limited Partnerships and the Investment Company Rules
May/June 2001, at 61.
Schoenmeyer, Joel A.

Pour-Over Wills: Drafting for Testamentary Additions to Trusts
January/February 2001, at 15.
Taylor, Thomas C., Jr.

Gifts by Proxy: Drafting Powers of Attorney to Avoid Unwanted Tax Results
September/October 2001, at 23.
Verma, Nandita Kohli

The Supporting Organization: A Beneficial (but Tangled) Alternative for the Directed Donor
March/April 2001, at 55.
Webel, Merrie Jeanne

Controlling Behavior by Controlling the Inheritance—
Considerations on Drafting Incentive Provisions
September/October 2001, at 6.
Whiting, Ellen Evans


Double Trouble: Reflections on Estate of Hubert
Nov./Dec. 1997, at 46.
Reinecke, David W.